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Every Party Is More Fun With Color...
 Birthday Parties
 Half Birthday Parties
 Graduation Parties
 Retirement Parties
 Holiday Celebrations
 Surprise Parties
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Is It Easy To Clean?
Yes! The Just Add Color Party Pack is washed away with water. That's it!
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Color Party Like A Pro

Ryan's Ultimate 
Color Party Guide
Ryan's Ultimate Color Party Guide is a  "how to" manual that teaches you exactly how to add color to your party.

It is based on Ryan's experiences MCing and Producing 100 Color Festivals for 300,000 color festival attendees. 

"I've thrown 100 color parties and had to learn through trial and error how to plan the best color party, have the most fun and prep for easiest clean-up." 
- Ryan

This guide gives you all the information, down to the smallest details, how to plan and execute an insanely fun Just Add Color Party.
Here are a few of the things you'll learn:
 Tips and Tricks For Planning and Cleaning
 Ryan's Favorite Color Games  
 Ryan's Favorite Color Arts & Crafts
 Ryan's Favorite Color Line Dances
 Photo And Video Pro Tips 
 Color Budgets For Each Activity 
Just Add Color Party Ideas
Color Line Dancing
Timed Color Throws
Color Ninja
Human Canvas
Capture The Color (Flag)
Unicorn Poop
Color Wars 
Messy Hugs
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"Where Did You Get That?" Guarantee
We guarantee that you will be the envy of every other parent and they will not stop asking, "Where did you get that?" If not, no explaining, no appeal to manager, no mandatory waiting period. Just drop us a line and we'll take of it.
"My Little Kids Had One Of The Funnest Times They've Ever Had."
Shalisse Smith-Mother of Three
"My little kids had one of the funnest times they've ever had. Now my 22 year old wants one. I can't believe how easy it was to clean." 

Shalisse's 5 year old son Colton said, "I loved playing with the color! It was super duper fun!"
Bailey Tate-Student
"I absolutely loved the Just Add Color Party I went to! It is great to have Ryan's color party guide ideas to really get the most fun out of the color! :) We got some super fun pictures out of it and it was a blast! This was one of the funnest things I have done."
Trevor White-Father of Three

"Playing with color was unlike anything I had ever done! Never would I think that I would actually be throwing tangible colors at other people for my own joy and pleasure. The best part about the Just Add Color Party was that it seemed to all bring us back to a more playful state of mind, and bring us together as a whole. Overall a great experience!!"
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